The papa owl shot and rehabbed two years ago at Chocolay Raptor Center in trouble again

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The staff at the Chocolay Raptor Center says, “He’s back!”  Here are the details from Jerry Maynard, with the non-profit Non Profit Bird Rehab and Education Center in Marquette County about the return on Papa Owl: 
The papa owl that was shot and rehabbed two years ago is back in rehab here at the Chocolay Raptor Center.  As you know, he and his mate raised two chicks in 2015 in their St. Peter Cathedral nest and one chick last year. The pair are nesting there again this year.  No sign of chicks yet, but they should be hatching about now.  
Yesterday morning I got a call about an owl down on the ground across the street from the cathedral.  I went in and found him on his back, with eyes closed and not moving other than breathing.  Bob Jensen and I could find no obvious injuries on our exam, and the veterinarian also found no injuries on exam and X-rays.  However, the X-rays confirmed he is the same papa owl from two years ago, as the pellet in his wing and healed bone fracture are very clear and obvious.  This bird just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.
We brought him back to the Center and started meds, but he just sat there all yesterday and most of today with his eyes closed, not moving.  I was not optimistic for recovery, until this afternoon when we handled him to medicate.  He opened both eyes and actually struggled.  We were able to get 2 mice in him by force feeding.  Hopefully, he is just concussed, maybe hit by a car, and will recover.  We had one owl take 5 days to recover from a concussion, but eventually it did and was released.
The Chocolay Raptor Center started in 2012 with the mission of rehabbing sick, injured and orphaned raptors.  The facility also educates the public about raptors and other birds.  Find out more at  906.249.3598 or by clicking the following link:

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