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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — The Marquette City Commission has already invested $200,000 in the past two years to maintain Lakeshore Boulevard as they continue to look for a long-term plan to protect the road from Pine Street to Hawley Street.

The Marquette City Commission voted 4-2 for the over $55,000 emergency stabilization of Lakeshore Boulevard Monday night.

This will not be a permanent fix, but City Manager Mike Angeli believes this must be done to control the lakeshore damage from worsening.

Mike Angeli, Manager, City of Marquette said, “Well, I think it’s important that we stabilize what we have there now, so we can take the time to plan more long-term. It’s my belief that if we hadn’t done what we did just a few weeks ago, there’s a good chance that the road would be gone now and then we’d be looking at a completely different problem, different discussion. I think we would be looking at ways of getting the road back and if not that, certainly alternatives.”

The over 55 thousand dollars will add to the already existing shoreline coverage they put in place last month.

“The reason why we don’t close it down altogether is because what the public wants to see is access along the shoreline via motor vehicles and that’s the direction we’re taking and that’s the been the direction every commission up until this point, it could very well be the direction this commission as well, we don’t know yet, but I think the general popular opinion in the community is to keep that access open,” said Angeli.

Angeli said the immediate repairs to Lakeshore Boulevard will take place within the next couple of weeks, so the roads and bike lanes will continue to be closed.

The commission is hoping to have a permanent plan for this section of the lakeshore next year when they start to work on the north end of Lakeshore Boulevard.

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