The status of the Calumet Village Police


CALUMET, Mich., (WJMN) — One Upper Peninsula community is in a unique predicament.

The Village of Calumet has been without their police department for four months now. Due to budget issues, the city council is considering closing it down for good.

If it happens, assets like patrol cars and computers would be sold to a local agency.

Caleb Katz, Village of Calumet Manager: “It’s influx right now. It’s a decision the council and the sub-committee are going to have to make, as far as what they wanna do. As of May 15th, both officers resigned. We’ve been without a department since then. We haven’t chosen to hire new police officers, but we’ve also haven’t chosen to dissolve the police department yet either, it’s kind of hanging out there really until the council decides what they want to do.”

He says the city is currently being patrolled by Michigan State Police and the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office.

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