Tongue tie


When a newborn suffers tongue troubles, that could spell big trouble if they’re not addressed early.

There’s never been anything wrong with baby Holden’s appetite but satisfying it was a frightening struggle.  

His mom says, “He wanted to eat, and it was a struggle for me to keep him on me because he would just go ‘pwapwapwa’.” 

That’s because extra tissue tied to the bottom of his tongue was pulling his mouth off his mother. It’s called tongue tie. 

Dr. Monica Kharbanda says problems breastfeeding are one of the best early warning signs of tongue tie. 

She adds, “Studies have shown that if you don’t fix it in some kids, when they get older, they could have issues with taking food.”

Also with oral hygiene and speech. ignoring it can be a real problem later.

Dr. Larry Lieberman is a dentist and says, “We’ll end up having to get the tissue because we’re trying to move the teeth orthodontically or we’re trying to restore teeth and there’s that big hunk of tissue in between the teeth. It really is a big issue that most parents have no idea about.” 

No one is sure why, but tongue tie is more common in boys than girls.

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