State Representative Jenn Hill held her first press conference after taking office today. She announced a democratic package of proposed legislation Friday before an audience of labor union members at the United Carpenters and Millwrights Skilled Training Center in Negaunee Twp. To highlight the significance of Michigan house Democrats’ priorities for the Upper Peninsula.

The legislative package calls for the repeal of Michigan’s retirement tax, an increase in working families tax credit, expansion of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientations and gender identity, repealing Michigan’s “right to work” policy, repealing a 1931 statute that criminalizes abortion care, and the restoration of the state’s prevailing wage law, to better attract a highly skilled workforce for the future. Hill stated that these proposals are a fulfillment of her platform when she ran for her seat.

   “On day one, my colleagues introduced bills that focus on three priorities”, said Hill, “fiscally responsible tax cuts, protection of personal rights and freedoms, and putting workers, first with a new house majority den leadership with the governor and in the Senate. I’m proud to say that we are fulfilling our promises to the people of Michigan.”

This is the first time the democrats control both the House and Senate since 1983.

With control of both chambers, Hill, along with her fellow democrats is confident in passing this legislation, which Hill describes as Common-Sense Issues, that will be dealt with during this term.

Hill will serve on four committees and serve as majority vice chair of the Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism, and outdoor Recreation committee.