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HOUGHTON – Situated on Lakeshore Drive in Houghton lies a hidden gem among lovers of baked goods.

Roy’s Pasties and Bakery moved to their current location in 2013, a move that has seen a steady stream of customers through their doors.

“We sell 60,000 pasties a year,” says Trisia Narhi, manager at Roy’s Pasties and Bakery. “Day-to-day production varies based on what month of the year it is. For us, we have a steady stream of local supporters that are with us year round. In the summer time we increase in business to more than double in some months because of the tourist trade.”

It may have the word pasty in its name, but Roy’s offers a whole lot more than the staple food in U.P. cooking. They also offer a variety of breads and pastries.

“Nine varieties of pasties, 26 different kinds of bakery, 19 kinds of bread, 18 sandwiches, three salads, 10 types of coffee,” said Narhi. “People are coming in to visit and picking up treats, lunch, pasties, dinner, you name it.”

Roy’s even features three locally roasted coffees that are made specifically for them by Keweenaw Coffee Works. It’s just part of their working relationship with other local businesses and the community.

“What really kind of brightens up the day is meeting new customers who come here and have their first pasty here and it’s just awesome,” said Roy Narhi, owner of Roy’s Pasties and Bakery. “They have the best pasty, one of the best pasties you can find here in the U.P. and they come here for their first pasty. It’s always a joy to meet new customers.”

And if you needed anymore of a reason to swing by…

“Come in and give us a try, we’re a wonderful shop,” said Narhi.

You can find out more about Roy’s Pasties and Bakery shop by visiting their website right here.