Tourism is still going strong in Marquette


MARQUETTE — Ursula Malizia and her son Brett are visiting the U.P. for a wedding and are staying a week.

They say they’re excited about all the sights.

Ursula Malizia, a Connecticut resident says ” One of my cousins owns the Country Inn and Suites, so we are staying at her hotel and were enjoying the sights. We had lunch at the Sol Azteca, and now we’re gonna go running because it’s a beautiful day and we’re training for a half marathon.”

Brett says this trip is also about family.

” I love Michigan, it’s really amazing and I’ve been having a great time with my family, ” says Brett Malizia.

Tourists love to explore all parts of Marquette.

Susan Estler, Executive Director of Travel Marquette says, ” Marquette means a community that is welcoming. It has a lot of different, wonderful things to do and see depending on what you like.”

And even though tourists visit year-round, the summer months are heavily visited.

” The weather has helped quite a bit, having really nice weather, the suns been out quite a bit, we haven’t had as much rain, it’s been really nice and warm but not to warm. And so, it seems as though we’ve been having a really good year for visitors this summer season, ” continues Estler.

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