Township moves forward without a millage


GOURLEY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) — Towns across the country vote on how they spend their taxpayer’s money.

But one community in Menominee County did not need a millage to move forward with building a new fire garage and town hall. They simply used what they had.

Steve Wery, Gourley Township, Supervisor said, “This project is four years in the making. A letter was sent out to every tax payer in the township and we held two public hearings. The township was sitting on $521,000 dollars, obviously, it don’t take that much money to run a township, so we asked the people if they would like to have a new fire garage and a new town hall. And 96% at both public hearings favored to build a new hall and fire garage.”

With the support from the community, the Township moved forward on their own.

“The reason we didn’t go for a millage is because we felt we had enough money in house and we want to get our operations down to which you budget in, you budget out,” said Wery.

The township also received help in the form of grant money.

Wery said, “I so much appreciate the Hanaville Indian Community, that through grants and their generosity, their the ones that helped us be able to make this project possible.”

Gourley Township is the fire department that the Hannahville Indian Community uses for their subdivision, schools, elderly complex, and the casino. They’ve had this relationship for more than 20 years.

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