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MUNISING – The trial of DeShawn Madden started with three correctional officers from the Alger Correctional Facility taking the stand.

The trial comes after the suspected murder of Madden’s cellmate Rodriguez Burks nearly one year ago. Madden is charged with First Degree Homicide and a habitual offense after Burks was found dead in his cell July 20, bundled in blankets.

According to witnesses on the stand, both Madden and Burks had requested new cellmates prior to the incident. Madden’s reasoning for wanting a new cellmate was because Burks was gay.

“Did the defendant’s request strike you as unusual?” said Karen Bahrman, Alger County Prosecuting Attorney.

“No,” said Louis Eiseman, Corrections Officer at the Alger Correctional Facility.

“Anything about it that would lead you to think his cellmate was in danger?” said Bahrman.

Eiseman said, “No.”

The next day, prison officials say Burks was found dead inside the cell.

“As they unraveled the blankets, you could see Burks,” said Eiseman. “He had blood on his face, his eyes were shut, he was unconcious and unresponsive. Officer Exelby started to do chest compressions.”

After EMS was called to the cell, Burks was declared dead at around two that afternoon. According to correction officers, no weapon was discovered on Madden or in the cell.

The trial is expected to continue tomorrow with forensics presenting evidence. A verdict may be reached as soon as Friday.