TWRA: Crashes involving deer more likely during mating season


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency is warning drivers to stay alert for deer as mating season comes to an end.

Usually the rut as it is called, ends around mid December according to TWRA, so deer activity should be on the decline in the next few weeks, but until then drivers should take notice of any deer hanging out near roads or interstates.

“A lot of times we hear about people driving along the roads saying they have seen dead deer or they are seeing deer running,” said Barry Cross, spokesman for TWRA. “There is nothing we can do about that, nature is going to be that way, but if people are going to be driving along an area that is densely populated with deer just be on the lookout. They’re not looking out for cars.”

While deer are always present, accidents are more likely to happen during mating season.

“This time of year deer aren’t worried about everything else going on,” said Cross. “They are in mating season and doing what they do and that is bucks chasing doe and they aren’t looking out for cars.”

Mating season usually takes place from October to December.

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