This may be the perfect time of year to stay inside and curl up with a good book, and there are more books than ever on library and bookstore shelves penned by U.P. authors.

The U.P. is a different and unique place, with a lot of history and opportunities for creativity. Dianne Patrick, the manager at Snowbound Books in Marquette, said, “There’s living history up here. There’s people whose grandparents did work in the mines 100 years ago. The soil is rich, the environments are rich for creativity.” That’s probably one of the reasons why the U.P. has seen so many successful local authors.

“They know that there’s something special here, and they try and capture that for their books.” said Pam Christensen, the library director at the Peter White Public Library.

Deborah Moore is a prime example of that – someone who has published two books, and is now working on the third. “There are so many stories here to tell, that it’s just prime, it’s great community areas,” Moore said. “It’s enriching to see the different people of the different areas, and there’s stories everywhere.”

What started as a blog several years ago turned into a fictional book based on emergency preparedness. “It follows the life of a single, middle-aged woman in a small town, who has prepared to survive the winters – you know, the long winters – that we have up here in the U.P.,” said Moore. The books are fictional, but include a lot of realities of living in the U.P. and Moore said, “I lived in the woods for seven years off-grid, and I stocked up for six months at a time because I couldn’t bring supplies in. So I took from my own, personal, daily life, of the people around me that I knew, my family, things that I knew should be done or could be done.”

And Deborah had one main message for her readers, saying, “What I want them to know is that they can take care of themselves, they really can. All they have to do is try.”

A lot of people say the unique history, culture and rugged nature of the U.P. contribute to the creativity that is cultivated here by so many different authors.

Snowbound Books has been in business 30 years, and U.P. history and local books have always been the store’s specialty.

“The U.P. is a different type of place, it’s rugged,” said Christensen. “You’re always in a fight against nature, and I think that a lot of authors use that.”

Most Upper Michigan libraries and bookstores have sections featuring U.P.authors – that’s another way of keeping it local.