U.P. lawmakers on energy solution

The Upper Peninsula economy was in the spotlight today at a day-long conference.

U.P. lawmakers spoke at the Upper Peninsula Economic Development Alliance conference this morning. During the question and answer session, a recurring topic was the U.P.’s power crisis. State representatives Ed McBroom, Scott Dianda, and John Kivela are all on the state’s energy committee.

State senator Tom Casperson, (R), 38th district, said, “We believe we need to produce more of the energy we use here in the Upper Peninsula, not utilize so much of it coming from somewhere else.”

Representative Scott Dianda, (D), district 110, said, “We’re looking at the things in our area. One of the things we have is a lot of bio mass, and I think we gotta look at using those resources very wisely to protect our environment, but it’s part of the process, and it’s part of the energy solution.”

Representative Ed McBroom, (R), district 108, “[I] just had a meeting this week with Valerie Brader, the governor’s point person on this, she’s commenting this is one of the most complicated energy problems and solutions anywhere in the country.”

The lawmakers also addressed road funding and the proposal that will be on the ballot in May. All of them agreed that it’s a long-term solution to fixing our roads, but right now, polls show that voters are split on raising the sales tax.

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