“Dan was devastated that he lost his job as he’s a man, that was his identity. When I lost my job it was freedom,” said Jamie Drohman of Fond du Lac.

Within an hour of being fired, Jamie Drohman decided she was going to Europe with or without her recently unemployed husband, Dan.

“It didn’t seem real responsible or financially correct to escape like that and spend time overseas but I knew we had to do something to reset our goals,” Daniel Drohman said.

They rented a stuido apartment in Jamie’s favorite city – Krakow, Poland. This career couple spent 3 months of their Krakow vacation working…on a business plan. When they returned home, they bought this 120 year old home on South Park Avenue and converted it into the Dobranoc Inn. Dobranoc means “good night” in Polish.

“We wanted a lot of Poland in our Inn because we couldn’t live there so we wanted to bring it back with us,” Jamie said.

The historic home has a mix of Queen Ann and Colonial Revival architecture. But it is Polish at heart.

“I have little decorations around the house that I know are from Krakow, but it’s really the intangibles that their hospitality, their kindness, their souls is what I wanted to bring back with us,” Jamie said.

Jamie and Dan opened their Inn Saturday. They tell us 500 people toured the historic house. Their Bed and Breakfast dream came true with the help of a supportive Fond du Lac community.

“It makes owning a home and Bed and Breakfast in the community so much better because we love the community so much. It’s not Krakow but it’ll do for the next, what? 70 or 80 years? Until they carry us out of here,” Jamie said.

Olga: Olga Halaburda Channel Five News HD Fond du Lac.