Uniquely Wisconsin: Psychic Healing

Neenah (WFRV) A psychic is a person who says they have a supernatural ability to channel spirits or see the future.

There will always be people on both sides; those who believe in psychic ability and skeptics who never will. 

Today we give you a glimpse into the life of one local psychic.  Paris Drake is a life coach. He is also a professed psychic who has been working in the Fox Valley for 32 years.

Paris refers to himself as an intuitive psychic medium.

“I read the energy around a person and it’s that energy that gives me the information.  Clairvoyant is knowing a future event is going to occur without really knowing the reason why.  Being able to see the future,”  explained Paris Drake, Intuitive Psychic Medium.

Paris specializes in life coaching, psychic readings and hypnosis, “Helping people, advising people on their life path,”

Growing up, Paris always knew he had a pshychic knowingness.

“I could answer questions about things from the past, present or future,” explained Paris.

After going to college to become a liscensed hypnotist, paris fell into his gift.

“The side effect of being a hypnotist is you get relaxed yourself.  It started enhancing my skills,” proclaimed Paris.

As a medium, Paris says he can channel loved ones who have passed on.

“To connect people with their loved ones, to help them better understand the experience of where their loved one is,” explained Paris.

Bekki Fonseca came to Paris looking for answers.

“I’ve had a lot of stress in my life, i’ve had a lot of personal family issues come up.  More I  just needed guidance,”  explained Bekki Fonseca, Client of Paris.

Paris has been Bekki’s life coach for 4 1/2 years.

“I’ve done hypnosis with him, I’ve done the life coaching, I’ve done the psychic readings I’ve done all of it and I feel overall he’s really helped me through a lot of obstacles i’ve had to overcome,” said Bekki.

Bekki believes in Paris’s psychic abilities.

“I felt that there are things that have happened in my life that he can explain that is the unexplainable” said Bekki.

Paris says we all have angels, “I use mine to guide me in the work that i do,”

Paris comes across many skeptics who say ‘why didn’t you see some event coming?’

“I don’t feel that it works that way, to that end.  Not everything is psychicly known,” explained Paris.

Paris says he has helped thousands, “I do it because I really like helping people,”

Paris helped Bekki get in touch with her grandmother who passed away. 

“It’s helped me find inner peace as far as letting go of my past whch was really really hard for me to let go of my childhood and the things that I had been through.  And to really just move foreward and have inner peace ,”  explained Bekki.

And that is why Paris does what he does.

“When they walk out the door and give me a hug or a smile or wipe their tears away and say thank you that’s really why I’m doing what i’m doing ,” said Paris.

Paris Drake is located in Neenah and accepts clients by appointment only.
He uses hypnosis to help people deal with anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, past life regression, stop smoking, weight loss and more.   

To find out more about Paris and go to his website click here

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