Menasha (WFRV)  Wisconsin is filled with some of the most unique restaurants in the country.

And some of the best ones have been around for decades and haven’t changed much over the years.

The Hungry Bull is one of those greasy spoons where the regular customers and the workers are friends.

Its a place to fill your stomach– but you also get a big serving of gossip and bull.

The hungry bull has been serving up greasy food with a side of bull since 1936.

“Everything and anything basically gets said in here.  Naughty, nice, people laugh at each other,” explained Brenda Heisel, The Hungry Bull, Co-owner.

“It’s not as wild as it used to be but they still serve a lot of bull here,” said Barbara Ruch, Longtime Customer.

And everyone knows everyone else, “It’s like one big family that comes in the morning,” said Brenda.

“I got photo albums at home of everybody.  We laugh and sometimes argue.  It’s a good place to communicate,” said Barbara.

Not much has changed since the 30’s–  its still good ol’ fashioned home cooking.

“They got a little restaurant like they make it the same way and it tastes so damn good,” said Russell Schulke, Longtime Customer.

There are only 11 stools in the tiny restaurant but that doesn’t seem to matter.

“They just stand against the wall and they wait.  They want the food they  love and the company they love,” explained Brenda.

At 40 feet by 20 feet and nestled between two buildings, the restaurant won’t be getting any more stools, “there is no way we could, there is no way to actually expand,” explained Brenda.

Co-owner Brenda Heisel started working here when she was 14, “This has always been my second home.

She met her husband, Bruce, here–  who later bought the place and they married. 

“My husband really runs the show.  He’s funny.  He’s always there to give an ear and a helping hand if you need it,” Brenda said proudly.

The Bull is best known for its American Fries, still made the same way they were in 1936,  with gobs of butter.

“They’re awesome.  You can’t beat them.  Nobody can beat his american fries,” said John Kottke, Longtime Customer.

Brenda says what makes a restaurant a greasy spoon is the butter the meat and the food that is thrown on the same grill–  and absorbs the different tastes.

“They make their own grease and a lot of times when we make a burger we put  butter on the buns. When you pick it up you go– Wow,” explained Brenda.

Healthy just isn’t on the menu. Which is what keeps people coming back.  Barbara, Russell and John have all been coming to the bull for 20 to 30 years.  Customers can fill their stomachs and souls.

“It’s hello when you come and it’s goodbye when you leave.  People know you and it feels good,” explained Barbara.

There are no plans to turn off the grill, “My husband will keep this until the day he dies,” said Brenda.

Or stop the bull.

“It’s a good time.  Listen to the old people, the old guys talk and tell their stories.  Sometimes you learn something, sometimes you don’t.  Most of the times you don’t,” said John.

The prices are really very reasonable.

The Hungry Bull is open daily from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Friday and Saturday they  open back up at 9 p.m. and stay open all night long till 11 am the next morning.  The Hungry Bull is Located at 12 Tayco Street in Menasha.

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