Upcoming 906 Adventure Team events still on track to take place


MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – 906 Adventure Team announced Tuesday that its upcoming events are still scheduled to take place during its originally allotted times in the following months.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many events have been canceled or postponed across the Upper Peninsula.

906 Adventure Team is a non-profit that helps kids and adults get involved with the love of riding bikes. Director of Adventure, Todd Poquette, said Marji Camp scheduled to take place June 25 – June 28 could be affected but a decision will not be made until mid-May.

“If I were signed up for one of the events I’d be getting ready. Why not? Give yourself a positive outlet. Look forward,” said Poquette. “If we have to move the dates so be it… we’ll figure it out… It’s part of the adventure. The last thing you want to do is let fear drive the bus. How do you keep fear out of the driver’s seat? Focus inside your circle of influence.”

As for the Adventure Bike Club, registration was to take place on April 1 but for now, it is to be determined.

“Our current focus is onboarding volunteers and coaches – so when it’s time to go we can go. All of the training can be done online – including content planned for the in-person Leadership Summit scheduled for April 25th (now listed as TBD),” said Poquette.

Poquette has three words of advice for everyone right now during this uneasy time: improvise, adapt, overcome.

“When the coronavirus comes out, or COVID-19, and all of a sudden there seems to be a whirl of swirling uncertainty, you can actually tap back into those things that you have done. Maybe The Crusher, or Marji Gesick. I can say ‘Hey, I made through that I can make it through this’ and apply those lessons forward to life.”

And with the endless beauty and vast terrain of the Upper Peninsula, now is the perfect time to seek new destinations.

“By all means get outside, see the sun, hear the wind, feel the breeze on your face. All the things you generally would not have time to do.”

Because life can be interesting and have unexpected turns, just as adventures often do.

“I have positioned, in our home at least, to the family that this is just another chapter in the adventure of life that we are experiencing. I think this applicable to everybody. This is a moment, okay. Whether this moment is three weeks or three months. In the grand scheme of 80 years or 90 years, or whatever it is you’re going to grow up to be. It’s a moment.”

As Poquette says: adventure can be found if you can imagine it.

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