Update on Marquette County roundabouts


MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is reconstructing US-41/M-28 between Marquette County Road 492 to just west of Brickyard Road, extending the existing roadway.

New roundabouts will be placed at Brickyard Road down by Best Buy and Lowes, as well as at Marquette County Road 492 outside Walmart and Target, replacing the existing traffic lights.

Dan Weingarten, MDOT, North Region Communications Representative said, “The main work that still remains to be done is the roundabout construction. They’ve been doing a lot of utility work. Storm sewer, water main work, and the other big portion directly behind us will be the multi-use tunnel that will be for snowmobiles in the winter and for pedestrians and bicyclists in the summer, providing a safe way to get across the highway here and connecting up trails systems to the south and north of the highway.”

Drivers might need a new direction to do some shopping over the next couple of weeks as well.

“There’s going to be some changes in access to some businesses. They’ll also be a period while they are constructing the roundabouts where there’s going to be detour’s to get to Lowe’s and also to Target, using Wright Street and using the Gordon Food Services access roads,” said Weingarten. “Crews are also working on temporary roadways to access Walmart, while that roundabout is being constructed.”

Traffic lights have been put up at US-41 and Wright Street as well to help control in and outbound traffic from Walmart while construction is occurring.

“Those are only temporary and they will come down after that phase is down and we can let traffic go back through the roundabouts,” said Weingarten. “We hope to have the roundabouts open to traffic this fall, that’s the plan and then the project will be completed next spring.”

The $10.9 million dollar road project is expected to improve safety and traffic flow in this busy commercial area.

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