LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan State Police are asking for citizens to volunteer to help train new troopers.

The training will held on Jan. 10 to 12, 2022 at the Fort Custer Training Center in Battle Creek.

This is the first time citizens have been included in training, the department said.

“We’re looking for unique ways to bridge the gap with the people we serve,” said Col. Joe Gasper, director of MSP. “This is an excellent opportunity for residents to see how recruits are learning and practicing the skills they’ll ultimately use on the job. This training opportunity will provide valuable insight to both the recruits and civilian participants.” 

The exercises will simulate traffic stops. The volunteers will be drivers and passengers.     

“We want to offer our recruits as realistic and diverse training experiences as possible, and we see this opportunity as a win-win given that the civilian participants will gain a better understanding of how our troopers are trained to conduct traffic stops, which is the most common interaction civilians have with police officers,” said Capt. James Grady, commander of MSP Training Division.  

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. MSP said participants will be subject to a criminal background check, submit to a weapons search on site and must sign a liability waiver. Anyone interested can apply here by Dec. 17.

MSP said space is limited and participants who are selected will receive a confirmation with additional instructions. 

Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to contact 1st Lt. Tim Olson, commander of the MSP Training Division at 517.898.1293 or email