Volunteers are needed in Houghton County flood relief efforts


Houghton County supply distribution centers have more than enough bottled water to get the community though the recovery process, but still have a strong need for items such as dehumidifiers, fans, face masks, metal rakes, Gatorade, squeegees, wheelbarrows, general cleaning supplies and more. 


If you need supplies to help in the recovery efforts or would like to donate, contact one of the donation centers, which includes the Dee Stadium, Hubbell Fire Department, Volunteer Reception Center and Calumet Colosseum. A full list of what’s needed and contact information for each donation center can be found at coppercountrystrong.com


In addition to materials, volunteers are still needed. Please call 906-233-6621 to volunteer. 


For those looking to share additional information, below is a list of confirmed items each of these centers is looking for and contact information for them. This can also be found at http://www.coppercountrystrong.com/how-help, and is updated through 3 p.m. today. 


–      Dee Stadium at 700 Lakeshore Drive in Houghton, 906-482-7760, https://www.facebook.com/Flood-Relief-Supply-Distribution-at-the-Dee-263680444374270/

–      Hubbell Fire Department at 1200 Duncan Avenue in Hubbell, 906-296-0214, https://www.facebook.com/HubbellFD/

–      Volunteer Reception Center at 1114 College Avenue in Houghton, 906-233-6621, https://www.facebook.com/CopperCountryStrong2018/

–      The Red Cross at Calumet Colosseum at 112 Red Jacket Road in Calumet, 906-236-5962


Needed Items

This was been compiled on Saturday June 23 at 3 p.m., please check http://www.coppercountrystrong.com/how-help or with each individual center for the most updated list. 


–      Dehumidifiers (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center, Hubbell Fire Department, Calumet Colosseum)

–      Squeegees (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center, Hubbell Fire Department)

–      Face masks (Dee Stadium, Calumet Colosseum)

–      Fans (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Wheelbarrows (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Metal Rakes (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Gatorade (Volunteer Resource Center, Calumet Colosseum)

–      General Cleaning Supplies (Hubbell Fire Department, Calumet Colosseum)

–      Large Rubbermaid trash bins (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Contractor Bags (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Utility Knives (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Shovels (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Tools (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Mops (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Five-Gallon Buckets (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Sun Screen (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Bug Spray (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Hand Wipes & Sanitizers (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Work Gloves (Volunteer Resource Center)

–      Damp Aid (Hubbell Fire Department)

–      Ice (Hubbell Fire Department)

–      Duct Tape (Dee Stadium)

–      Eye protection (Dee Stadium)

–      First Aid Kits (Dee Stadium)

–      Hose Splitters (Dee Stadium)

–      Garden Hoses (Calumet Colosseum)

–      Long Sleeve Kitchen Rubber Gloves (Dee Stadium)

–      Pick Axes (Dee Stadium)

–      Pry Bars and Crow Bars (Dee Stadium)

–      Rubber Boots (Dee Stadium)

–      Shop Vac (Dee Stadium)

–      Spray Bottles (Dee Stadium)

–      Hard Hats (Dee Stadium) 

–      Flash Lights (Calumet Colosseum)

–      Carpet cleaner (Calumet Colosseum)

–      Sump Pumps (Calumet Colosseum)

–      Snacks (Calumet Colosseum)

–      Paper towels (Calumet Colosseum)


Items of Abundance 

These items are found in large quantity at each site, and additional donations are not needed at this time. 

–      Bottled Water

–      Paper goods are not needed at the Dee

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