Weight Loss Options: Surgical and non-invasive fat loss treatments


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Bariatric surgery is meant to prevent or reverse conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and a higher risk of cancer which could be causes of obesity.

“The surgeons take the stomach and manipulate in some fashion, depending on the type of surgery,” said Dr. Erica Griffin, Bariatrician, UP Health System – Marquette. “There’s two that they do here most often. One is called sleeve gastrectomy and that’s where they take the stomach into a sleeve shape or a banana shape and remove the extra part of the stomach and don’t rearrange the intestines. The other is called a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. That’s where they take the stomach and make a pouch out of it, take the small intestine, cut it, bring it to the pouch and re-attatch everything so things are bypass when you eat.”

It’s suppose to reset your brain into knowing where it wants to be weigh-wise and always try to stay around that weight. There are qualifications to have bariatric surgery.

“You need to have a BMI of 40 or greater or a BMI of 35 or greater with diseases that are associated with obesity,” said Dr. Griffin. “There is also a bunch of clearances that need to happen, psychology, exercise, dietary.”

Risks include surgery risks, leaks, vitamin and mineral deficiency and weight re-gain. Dr. Griffin says this weight loss tool is commonly used.

“I think about 80-percent of the U.P. is overweight,” said Dr. Griffin. “We’re busy. I don’t know how else to say that but there is quite a few people who are utilizing the services for bariatric surgery or medical weight loss.”

There are options for people looking for non-invasive weight loss one of them is the Zerona Z6. It’s been recently introduced in the U.P. at the Glow Sculpting Spa in Harvey.

“Medi-spa that focuses on all things body. So we do the Zerona Z6 laser treatments which are the FDA Approved, fat reduction treatment that uses a level 3 laser,” said Jaime Thayer, Owner. “There is no downtime, no pain, no swelling whatsoever. You just relax for 40 minutes and come out slimmer.”

Jamie even had Local 3’s Rebecca Bartelme try it out.

“What it does is it permeates down into the subcutaneous layer of fat and perforates temporarily the fat cells,” said Thayer. “So the contents of your fat cells which are lipids, hormonal bi-products and toxins are then released into the space outside the cell and your lymphatic system takes over to detox it out of your body. So the result is actually inches lost and it’s not water loss, it’s lipid and toxin loss so the results are actually indefinite once all that fat is gone, it’s absolutely gone and that’s where we coach on lifestyle tips to help you keep those results indefinitely.”

After completing the treatment, Rebecca lost about two inches overall.

“So our clients are a wide range of people,” said Thayer. “Everyone from those people who are faithfully using the gym and they have those stubborn spots tat they just are really needing to work on or they’re drawing a line in the sand and this is their chance to springboard into a healthier lifestyle and then we see a lot of busy professionals, we see a lot of moms.”

Thayer recommends that clients utilize the treatment about once a week.

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