Where does your vote go after the polls close?


UPPER PENINSULA — It’s election day in some precincts of the Upper Peninsula. Polls closed at 8 p.m.

You went to your polling location, you filled out your ballot, you grabbed your ‘I voted’ sticker and maybe posted a selfie on social media, and then you went about your day. But what happens to your vote once the polls close?

“Once the polls close, there will be result tapes run, these tapes will ensure that the number of voters that have been at the polls have cast a ballot and those ballot numbers agree with those number of voters. That’s what we’re looking for right there,” explains Linda Talsma, Marquette County Clerk. “The ballots are then transferred to a secure storage container and sealed by a team of precinct workers. The results will be uploaded to the county through an encryption process. They’re then decrypted on my end, leaving no room for any problems to occur.”

Even after all the votes are counted on election night, all of them are recounted and re-examined twice post-election, just to make sure there were no mistakes that were made.

“What we’re going to do is compare that the results that were uploaded are going to match that. So we have a very clean election and we have absolutely no problems. It’s our checks and balance system. The Board of Canvassers will declare this the official results and end that election. I have to do audits after the elections and I actually look at the ballots to make sure that what was voted on those ballots is what was on that tape,” says Talsma.

Linda assures voters that the voting process is secure and accurate. There is very little room for error.

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