Winter Carnival takes over Michigan Tech


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HOUGHTON – Students at Michigan Tech are only getting started with their winter fun.

Last night kicked off the start of the Winter Carnival, the school’s annual event celebrating snow and everything else that goes with it.

“It was freezing last night, it was like negative three and we still had hundreds of people outside building statues, walking around looking at them, enjoying the music, and watching broom ball,” said Lucas Kuta, Vice President of the Blue Key Honor Society at Michigan Tech. “I guess it’s the dedication and the wholesome community that it brings out in everybody.”

Some take the word dedication to a whole new level. Those students growing facial hair were given a chance to participate in a beard competition, showcasing not only their facial hair but talent as well.

“Participation is really good this year, everyone showed up that was able to show up,” said Dan Schudlich, Coordinator for the beard competition. “We had one person that had to shave their beard for a job interview but that’s ok, because that happens up here! We’re great, we’re happy they ended up getting a job so go for it!”

Even through the cold, there’s something to bond over.

“It’s our big break for the semester, we get to enjoy the snow, we get to have fun in the snow,” said Schudlich. “Last night was crazy, everyone was out walking around, partying, having a great time and finishing their statues. It really helps to bring this school together as a whole because we get to bond over the snow which we definitely have plenty of it.”

The statue contest and beard competition are just the tip of the iceberg of events going on at Tech. Winners of the snow statue competition were announced earlier today, with Tau Kappa Epsilon taking first place in the month-long statue competition. Their winning entry, called “Behold a Frozen Thor, Mighty God of Viking Lore,” is located along US-41 outside of the administration building.

Events will be held across campus through Saturday. You can find a schedule of events for the carnival right here.

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