Winter Wonderland in Marquette


MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — Tourists and locals both know the Upper Peninsula has something offer all year long. Warmer conditions aren’t stopping people from enjoying the snow.

Wes Steingraber, Green Bay Resident said, “Yeah, we just drove up from Green Bay Christmas morning, decided to do a little getaway at a VRBO and it’s been a long time since I’ve come up to Marquette and my wife’s never been up here, so we just took a drive up here for a couple of days and just kind of get disconnected a little bit.”

Whether it’s the network of trails available for winter activities like snowshoeing to mountain biking, snowmobiling to skiing, the Upper Peninsula attracts anybody who wants to get active during the cold months.

“Amazing. Amazing, that’s part of the allure. We’ve kept threatening to come up here for the summer and the superior stuff and the pictured rocks, but winter’s winter and you gotta get outside so we thought we’d just come up here and get outside. We also mountain bike, so the mountain biking up here is, the networkings are supposed to be amazing, so we’d like to get back up here for the summer,” said Steingraber.

Andrew Faron with Marquette Mountain says Friday has been there busiest day of the season. Skiers & Snowboarders from all across the midwest came into town to enjoy the well-maintained mountain that keeps visitors active.

“Oh yeah. We are doing great. We’ve got three different race groups here that are training from out of state, so not only are they spending money with us, but they’re staying in local hotels, eating out at restaurants, so we love hosting them and they’re very, very pleased with the snow depth we have and also the condition of the hill and the grooming. The public has been really courteous, giving some of their hill away to those race groups and we have enough acreage for everybody,” said Andrew Faron, General Manager, Marquette Mountain.

Only half of Marquette Mountain’s trails are currently open right now, but visitors seem to be enjoying what is available.

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