(WFRV) – Authorities just south of Fond du Lac were able to intercept an illegal pick-up transportation of close to 50 dogs (most of which were puppies) headed from Texas.

The Washington County Humane Society posted on its Facebook page about a recent intake of nearly 50 dogs that were headed from Texas to Wisconsin. On September 2 around midnight, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office reportedly intercepted an illegal transport of 47 dogs.

Most of the dogs were puppies. The majority of the puppies seemed healthy.

Officials with the humane society said the public can expect to see many of the dogs go up for adoption as early as September 6.

The humane society thanked law enforcement and asked for any support from the community.

WCHS relies on care and support from our community to respond to situations like this – however that support comes to us. Even a brief visit to our adoption wards and sharing animal pictures with friends and family can have profound impact. Consider donating, visiting or even just telling a loved one about this story. It will help more than you may realize.

Washington County Humane Society

A video showing the puppies was posted on the humane society’s Facebook page. The original Facebook post had over 1,200 shares and 375+ comments.

Washington County is about 35 minutes south of Fond du Lac. Local 5 will update this story if more details are released.