OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – An Oshkosh man involved in a multi-state scheme to distribute methamphetamine was sentenced to federal prison.

The Department of Justice released information about a man from Oshkosh who was sentenced to federal prison. 39-year-old Cory Freyermuth was sentenced to eight and a half years in federal prison for his role in trafficking drugs and money laundering.

An investigation reportedly showed that Freyermuth received packages from Arizona that contained methamphetamine. The packages were allegedly sent by co-defendants Levi Bagne and Krista Sparks.

Once Freyermuth got the packages, Bagne would reportedly make the drive from Arizona to Oshkosh. He would then distribute the methamphetamine.

Freyermuth then reportedly started to distribute the methamphetamine to dealers in Oshkosh and Stevens Point. He would then either store the cash until Bagne picked it up or he would return the money to Bagne through bank deposits or cashier’s checks.

Packages were intercepted on two occasions, and a total of six pounds of methamphetamine were found.

On September 2, 2020, agents searched a storage unit that belonged to Bagne and Freyermuth. About ten pounds of methamphetamine were found.

The sentencing judge said that Freyermuth’s role in the scheme was multifaceted and he played a ‘key’ role in the money laundering scheme.

Six people in total have been charged for participating in this methamphetamine distribution scheme. All six have pleaded guilty.

Bagne has a sentencing hearing scheduled for October 18.