Civilian records rare sight of bobcat assisting cubs cross the road in Crivitz


CRIVITZ, Wis. (WFRV) – In what officials with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) say is extremely rare, a civilian was able to record a bobcat helping her cubs cross the road.

Local 5 viewer, Jen Schroeder was able to capture the rare sight.

According to Molly Meister of the DNR, it is common for female bobcats to transport kittens using their mouth. The video was captured at Kottke Road in Crivitz.

Meister says the kittens are not hurt and give the mother more control. Bobcat young will stay close to their mom for about a year before finding their own territory.

What is not common however is actually seeing a female bobcat transporting kittens, and Meister says she would consider it a wonderful wildlife observation. The reason it is so rare is bobcats generally don’t approach humans any time of the year and are not commonly seen in the wild, according to Meister.

As the kittens get older they will still travel with their mom, but less likely that the mom will transport them by their neck scruff.

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