DOOR COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – Door County Candle Company is stepping up to help Ukrainians as the Russian invasion continues. The help is coming in the form of a “Ukraine Candle,” with 100% of the profits going to Razom for Ukraine.

“My grandparents all are born in Ukraine, and both of my parents are Ukrainian,” explained Christiana Gorchynsky Trapani, owner of Door Co. Candle Company. She said the thought of developing a candle for the fundraiser was a no-brainer. “We have created a Ukraine Candle to help raise money for a 501(c) (3) nonprofit called Razom for Ukraine. It is an organization like the United Way for America,” she added.

Both of Trapani’s parents are helping out at the store, as orders for the candle that resembles the Ukrainian flag continue to climb. “This is a part of us and we are very proud of what the kids are doing to help Ukraine,” said George Gorchynsky, Christiana’s father.

Speaking with Local 5’s Eric Richards, Gorchynsky says he had planned to visit Ukraine with his family, but the plans had to be postponed a few times. “We had been planning and because of work and things, it kept getting delayed. Now I am heartbroken because that may not come for quite a while,” he said tearfully.

Gorchynsky says he last spoke to family members in Ukraine when the Russian invasion started. “I last spoke to them when the war started and they said they were okay,” he explained. For people who don’t know, Gorchynsky says Ukrainians are strong. “We’re not giving up, we will fight and we will continue to fight until we win,” he said.

All of the candles are made on site and by hand. It is a labor of love that takes a couple of days to complete. “In the case of the Ukrainian Candles, it takes three steps,” said Larry Mickelson, an employee. Describing the process, he says they like to make all of the candles just right. “We’re using two colors, the yellow and the blue for the flag,” he explained.

There has been a steady stream of customers both in person and online. “I heard it on the TV this morning, on the Local News. I thought, I’m going down there,” said Betty Cross from Fish Creek. She says she has already sent money to Ukraine and has been looking at other ways to help. “This money is going directly to the people of Ukraine, so I’m going to buy some,” she added. Cross says she ended up purchasing 10 candles and will distribute them to her friends and family.

For more information and how you can purchase a Ukraine Candle click here. If you want more information on Razom for Ukraine click here. Door County Candle Company has set a new goal of 10,000 candles sold for the fundraiser.