Forecasted warmer temps close Kewaunee snowmobile trails


KEWAUNEE, Wis. (WFRV) This week’s forecasted winter warm-up will close all snowmobile trails in Kewaunee county and surprisingly that means more work for those who maintain the trail.

Sunday may be the last run for snowmobilers on Kewaunee’s trails, as predicted warmer temperatures force the county to close its trails.

Tom Cherovsky, President of the Moonriders Snowmobile Club says, “The trails are deteriorating, if we take a look at the snow it’s not real packy right now.”

When you see water and slush along snowmobile trails, it’s usually a sign that warmer temperatures are on the way but that’s not the only reason trails close.

Cherovsky says, “A lot has to do with the sunshine. So if it’s cold and sunny it can still melt like the plowed field of snow so they’ll see the brown and the sun will hit it and it’ll melt it.”

For 50 years, the Moonriders have kept Kewaunee’s trails safe, even when the trails are closed and Cherovsky says their job starts way before the season opens, “A lot of what we do as a club, is in the fall. We ask permission from the landowners to cross their land.”

After a five-day season, it seems Mother Nature wants to stall snowmobilers but Cherovsky says his club will ride on whatever comes their way.

In additon to Kewaunee county, Calumet county is closing their snowmobile trails.

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