Great Lake Jumper pays visit to Green Bay


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)-It’s getting to that time of year where we start to wear heavier jackets and maybe even pull out our winter gloves and hats.

But one visitor to Green Bay Sunday believes a crisp fall morning is perfect weather for a swim. 

“It was a nice way to start Sunday with a cool crisp jump in the lake,” says Dan O’Conor.

O’Conor became an internet sensation by jumping into Lake Michigan every day for a whole year starting in June 2020. He is known as the Great Lake Jumper and has accumulated large followings on Instagram and Twitter.

“I could clear the palette, start the day new, and find some zen at the lakefront,” says O’Conor.

He says he began jumping to give people something fun to see during the darkest days of the pandemic. He says he did his first jump to clear a hangover and had so much fun that he continued to do it even on the coldest winter days.

“I’ve been called crazy my whole life and a psycho and a loon so it doesn’t bother me,” says O’Conor.

After completing his goal of jumping into Lake Michigan for 365 days in a row, Dan began a new challenge to jump into all five Great Lakes. He completed the latter challenge this weekend, traveling to the Upper Peninsula to jump into Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

On his way back home to Chicago, he decided to do a jump in Green Bay.

“I take on a can-do attitude when somebody tells me I can’t I say why not me,” says O’Conor.

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