Science Course with Ryan Morse: Arctic air experiments – slushy soda and frozen eggs


(WFRV) – The arctic air mass continues to take hold on Northeast Wisconsin. Everyone knows the cold weather can affect your body. But look at the cool impacts it has on eggs and soda! 

In the summertime, you can cook an egg onto a pan with the extreme heat. In the wintertime, the eggs do not look that different in the reaction to the extreme cold.  

Frozen eggs

Leave a frying pan outside for just a few minutes in a frigid air mass. Then go outside and crack the eggs. Upon impact the eggs looked like they have been fried, but it is the exact opposite. The eggs fully freeze in a matter of minutes to the pan. 

Slushy Soda

Looking for a quick way to make a slushy? Open a bottle of soda, to let out the carbon dioxide. This is because chemicals and other solutes act to lower the freezing point of the water contained in the soda. Then just leave a soda bottle out in the cold for 4 hours. Boom, instant slushy after just a few hours of sitting in the cold. 

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