Wisconsin DNR announces dates to remove ice shanties from boundary, inland waters


(WFRV) – Even with the cold weather helping out ice fishing conditions, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is reminding people about ice shanty removal.

Permanent ice shanties, or shanties not removed daily, must be removed from all state waters by March 15 however there are some early deadlines anglers need to look out for.

  • Wisconsin – Iowa boundary waters by Feb. 20
  • Wisconsin – Minnesota boundary waters by March 1
  • Inland waters south of Highway 64 by the first Sunday following March 1
  • Lake Michigan, Green Bay, Lake Superior and inland waters north of Highway 64 by the first Sunday following March 12
  • Wisconsin – Michigan boundary waters by March 15

Anglers are able to continue using portable ice shanties after March 15 as long as they are removed from the ice when they are not being used and at the end of each day.

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