Wisconsin DNR: Juveniles shoot more than 40 deer, 1 horse


MARSHFIELD, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says two groups of juveniles from Clark County are responsible for fatally shooting more than 40 deer and a horse which the agency calls “thrill kills.”

DNR law enforcement supervisor Lt. Robin Barnhardt says early in November people started reporting large numbers of deer being shot and left behind.

The DNR and Clark County Sheriff’s Office determined two separate groups of juveniles were suspected in the killings.

Wardens are still working on determining if the two groups are connected in some way or if it was just coincidence that they both were doing the shootings at the same time.

The DNR reports nine firearm-involved injuries and one fatality for the entire 2020 nine-day gun deer season, including an alderman from West Bend who accidentally shot and killed himself while exiting a ground blind on Washington Island.

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