(WFRV) – A woman from western Wisconsin is facing over 80 years in prison after she allegedly amputated a person’s foot without consent, and ‘pushed’ to take it home with her.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by Local 5, 38-year-old Mary Brown is facing two charges after she allegedly cut a person at a nursing home’s foot off. On June 4 authorities were contacted by the Pierce County Medical Examiner about a death at the Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center.

The Medical Examiner told investigators that the victim’s foot was not attached to his body. The complaint says the victim was at the nursing home because he previously fell in his residence and the heat went out. This caused him to have severe frostbite on both of his feet.

His feet were described as ‘necrotic’. The victim was placed in the nursing home in March of 2022, and the medical chart reportedly showed that a nurse amputated his right foot on May 27.

The complaint provided the medical chart and written notes. There was mention that Brown said in a report that she was going to cut off the victim’s foot for comfort. Brown was reportedly told not to do that.

During a dressing change around 8 a.m. on May 27, there were still about two or inches of flesh and tendon attached to the victim. Later that night, Brown reportedly cut the tendon which amputated his right foot completely.

There was no reported order from a physician in the victim’s chart. The foot was placed in a freezer in the basement.

On May 29, a nurse asked the victim what happened and he reportedly said when his foot was cut off he felt everything and it hurt ‘very bad’.

However, it was mentioned that those in the room at the time of the incident said the victim did not appear to have any pain. The complaint also says that Brown was ‘pushing’ one of the nurses to retrieve the foot so she could take it home to preserve it.

Authorities interviewed multiple nurses at the facility about the incident. One nurse said that the victim was still able to wiggle his toes the day before the alleged amputation. The amputation was described as ‘not very good’ by one nurse.

Brown reportedly went to one of the nurses to apologize and said her intent was to help the victim and give him some dignity.

The complaint says Brown mentioned that her family has a taxidermy shop and she was going to preserve the foot and put it on display with a sign that said “wear your boots kids.”

Authorities did talk to Brown, who said that when she changed his dressing, the victim would say how much better it felt when they used Vaseline gauze. She told authorities that her thought was if she took the foot away, she could get the gauze right on the stump.

Brown did reportedly admit that she should have gotten a doctor’s order before the incident. She thought that the doctor would just tell her to leave it alone.

Brown also admitted that the victim never asked her to remove his foot.

Brown is charged with the following:

  • Physical Abuse of an Elder Person – Intentionally Cause Great Bodily Harm, Increased Penalty for Elder Person Victim
    • Felony
    • Up to 40 years in prison (can be increased by up to six years due to the victim being an elder)
  • Mayhem, Increased Penalty for Elder Person Victim
    • Felony
    • Up to 40 years in prison (can be increased by up to six years due to the victim being an elder)

Court records show that Brown is scheduled to have her initial appearance in court on December 6. No additional information was provided, Local 5 will continue to update this story.