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MARQUETTE COUNTY — If you still need to buy a gift for someone this holiday season here’s a suggestion.
It’s a popular game but with an Upper Peninsula twist.

It’s called Yoopopoly. Instead of properties players make their way around the board to buy businesses from the Negaunee and Ishpeming area.

Jason Schneider is the Executive Director of the Marquette Chamber of Commerce. He says, “Something like this is great because it brings a lot of awareness to the small businesses in our community.”

One player rolled a seven. It got him to Jubilee Foods and IGA Fuel. The cost to buy it is 100 Yoopopoly dollars.

The money shows different banks in the area like Northern Michigan Bank and Trust and Tru North Federal Credit Union.

Danielle Lacavalla is the Executive Director of the Greater Ishpeming Negaunee Chamber of Commerce. She says, “It’s kind of seeing those repetitive businesses and logos you start to become more aware.”

For kids the game can come to life. Let’s say they land on Fox Negaunee and buy it. After the game is over you can take them there to show them what the business is really like.

Schneider says, “Maybe you’ll see something on the board that you had forgotten about or you didn’t know it was there. And, it gets you to think about it.”

You can get Yoopopoly for $10. The proceeds will be used to help businesses in the area with professional development, workshops and other things.

Lacavalla says, “Marketing or advertising. And, also being able to do mini campaigns kind of like our Holiday Punch Card Campaign.”

To order a Yoopopoly game you can email