GREEN BAY, Wis (WFRV) – What a difference a year makes. If you think back to this time last season, many were wondering if Aaron Rodgers would ever play again in a Packers uniform. Instead, the back-to-back MVP said during his media conference on Tuesday he definitely sees himself finishing his long-tenured NFL career right where he started: as a Green Bay Packer.

But he’s not thinking about it right now. Right now he’s committed to his team and the 2022 season.

“In March, when I made the decision, that’s 100 percent in,” Rodgers said. “It doesn’t mean you don’t think about the other side. This is my 18th season. Of course you think about the next chapter and what’s next in your life all the time. Doesn’t mean you’re not fully invested. When I said I’m back, I’m 100 percent invested.”

Head coach Matt LaFleur couldn’t be happier to have his quarterback back and the helm and back in the building at Lambeau Field. For the next few days, he wants everyone on the offense to soak up all they can from Rodgers, especially his rookies.

“It’s their first opportunity to be on the field with him, so they get to kind of learn how he operates and the expectation that we all have of all those guys out there,” LaFleur said. “It’s their first exposure to one another. It’s going to be more of everybody kind of getting a feel for each other.”

Chemistry is key for a quarterback and his weapons and everyone knew the kind of chemistry that Rodgers and Davante Adams had. There are obvious question marks as to who will be wide receiver number one now that 17 is gone, and many say it’s going to go to Allen Lazard. But Lazard was the only veteran not at mandatory minicamp, however, the wideout has not signed his second-round tender, so he’s not required to attend until he does.

Rodgers isn’t worried about the potential talent his receiving core could have.

“I like production over potential. We have some production, we have a lot of potential. So, we need to temper expectations, and heighten accountability,” QB1 said. “I think that’s the most important things with those guys. There’s guys that have done some things in the league and there’s guys that haven’t. They’re going to get opportunities. Reasonable expectations for those guys, and then high expectations and accountability for the entire room.”

Rodgers didn’t give his first impressions of some of his new receivers but he said the mentality some of them have speaks for itself.

“The important thing is the mental part right now,” Rodgers said. “As much as there’s conversation around the importance of me being here and how much that means to the young guys, the most important thing for the young guys right now is to learn the offense.”

The Packers have mandatory mini-camp on Wednesday, June 8th, and Thursday, June 9th.