UDPATE: 34 COVID-19 cases, 1 death related to Munising American Legion event

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LMAS District Health Department has reported a growing number of cases of COVID-19 across all four counties.

In Alger County, the number of cases so far associated with the American Legion event on Oct. 2nd now has risen to 34, including one death of an Alger County resident on Saturday Oct. 17th, according to the LMAS District Health Department.

Not all cases attended the event on Oct. 2nd, but have had contact with others who were in attendance and contracted the virus.

Mackinac Island has seen the number of cases in the last two weeks increase to 41.

Unlike Alger County, the Mackinac cases are not associated with any particular event or location.

As of Monday Oct. 19, the LMAS counties have a total of 330 cases (269 confirmed and 61 probable).

There are 105 recovered cases included in these numbers which accounts for 32% of the total.

Cases are considered recovered if they are still alive after 30 days from onset of symptoms or referral date.

The largest increases in the last couple of weeks have been in Alger and Mackinac Counties.

Original: 10/14

ALGER COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — LMAS District Health Department has reported a growing number COVID-19 cases associated with an event on Oct. 2 at the American Legion in Munising.

The Legion closed on Oct. 5 due to two positive cases of individuals who were in attendance.

As of Sunday, the number of cases associated with this event has grown from 2 to 24.

If you were at the American Legion on Oct. 2 and have symptoms, please contact your healthcare provider.

If you have been notified by LMAS as being a close contact of any person with COVID-19 and told to quarantine from 14 days of your last contact with them.

The American Legion in Munising will remain closed until at least the beginning of November.

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