Marquette’s Haunted Hayride postponed until next year

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MARQUETTE, Mich., (WJMN) – After trying to rework the Marquette Haunted Hayride as a drive-through event, organizers decided it was safest to cancel altogether this year.

The haunted hayride originally began as a Halloween get-together hosted by husband and wife duo James and Andi Goriesky, now they are in their 12th year of hosting the event as a fundraiser. According to Andi, the decision to cancel was tough to make.

“We really really really appreciate the communities support, we know that almost everything has been canceled this year and it sucks, it’s a bummer,” said Goriesky. “We really wanted to hold this event and it just wasn’t possible however everybody really responded to us very well and we did appreciate it, so next year we’ll be bigger and better than ever.”

Andi organizes the event but several groups come together and help to put on the scaring during the third weekend of October. James helps to make sure the tractors are running on schedule and people are being properly scared.

“The groups are non-for-profits, we have one that’s a little girl that does it cause she likes it and then she donates the proceeds to her church and the bible camp that she goes to,” said Goriesky. “So it’s open for, we usually take applications, go through kind of get an idea what they want to do as far as scaring, what they want to do for using the money and then select the groups from there.”

James says several groups have come back several years to help out with the event. He says they have new groups every year as well.

“Most of the groups, it’s a team builder for them as well, they have a good time and they make some money,” said Goriesky.

Andi says that the event is nearly a year-round effort for them. After the event is over she pays out the groups and cleans up. After taxes are done in the spring she says it isn’t long after that they get contacted about the next haunted hayride.

“I would really like to encourage if there’s any youth, nonprofits, school groups, church groups, boy scouts, figure skating team, anything like that if there’s something they want to fundraise for, give us a call,” said Goriesky. “Talk to us about it because this is a really great opportunity.”

You can find out how to get involved in the Haunted Hayride for next year on Facebook at Marquette Haunted Hayride.

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