NMU Marching band plays for students in quarantine

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MARQUETTE, Mich., (WJMN) – Students quarantining in Spalding Hall watched from their windows Monday, August 31 as the NMU marching band played songs including the “Rocky” theme song and “September”. Band director, Stephen Grugin, said the idea came from a student.

“I had the idea that we would come down around homecoming but one of them said why don’t we come down and play for all the students in Spalding Hall. So I thought that was a great idea,” said Grugin. “We wanted to bring a smile to their face and you know just let them know that we cared and that we’re thinking about them and maybe brighten their day.”

The band marched from the Hedgecock building to Spalding Hall and played for 10 minutes each on the North and South sides of the building. Sean Davis a freshman in the marching band says they wanted to give the students something to get excited about.

“We just really felt bad for them that they have to start their school year being here quarantined,” said Davis.

Grugin says even without football this year the marching band will put on a few shows. The shows will be on Saturdays, with one in September and two in October.

“We really feel for the athletes that’s for sure, but we’re going to do three performances on Saturdays and we’re also going to stream them live.” said Grugin. “So we’ll have a small audience at each maybe over a hundred or something I guess we can call that the studio audience and then we’ll have hopefully a big following on Facebook that’ll watch us do those dome shows.”

Before the show started there were a few students outside the dorm talking to friends from outside the marked perimeter. During the show, a few stuck around to listen to the band. At the end, a few students in Spalding yelled thanks to the band as they marched off.

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