Voter fraud claim in Marquette found to be false, AG reports

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — One report of widespread voter fraud emanating from the Upper Peninsula was discovered to be false.

The Michigan Attorney General’s office was made aware of the report by the Marquette Police Department, which investigated one man’s claim that he completed and submitted roughly 300 voter ballots that had been sent to his rental properties for past tenants.

He posted on Facebook that he voted for those people. The man was contacted by police and denied doing what he said and admitted that the post was only to stir people up.

Election officials were contacted and no fraud was substantiated.

Charges are not being sought at this time. 

“These actions highlight my office’s commitment to pursuing, investigating and charging, when necessary, election fraud,” Nessel said.

“Signing someone else’s name to a ballot is a felony under state law, and spreading misinformation to purposefully interfere with our election and ballot-counting processes is criminal behavior that will not be tolerated. Michigan has multiple layers of review throughout our election process that make it very difficult for a bad actor to commit fraud, which is why it so seldom occurs.”  

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