Women’s Center, GLOW Sculpting Spa offer free tattoo removal for domestic violence, human trafficking survivors

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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – Experiencing domestic violence and human trafficking can not only permanently scar a person emotionally, but also physically on the body. The Women’s Center and GLOW Sculpting Spa are collaborating together to help those who may still have a physical reminder of those experiences.

GLOW Sculpting Spa is indefinitely offering free laser tattoo removal treatments to victims and survivors.

“We feel like it’s important to do good with an amazing tool that we have,” said Jamie Thayer, co-owner of GLOW Sculpting Spa and a medical aesthetic laster technician. “So, outreach especially to support survivors and victims of domestic violence and human trafficking is such an important thing. It is very prevalent unfortunately in our society. So, any little thing we can do to help out, and even if we can help one person erase the physical scar and reminder of a horrible incident or horrible time in their life that would be amazing and rewarding for us.”

The Women’s Center will help identify and assist those in the community who want a tattoo removed.

“So many people get a tattoo and then the relationship ends,” said Beth Casady, executive director of the Women’s Center. “And often, that relationship is violent. And so those people, primarily women, have this constant reminder of their abuser. Also too with human trafficking, often women are branded by their human traffickers. So to be able to go some place and get that removed is just wonderful.”

If you or someone you know is a victim and/or survivor of domestic violence and human trafficking and would be interested in removing a tattoo, you can contact The Women’s Center at
(906) 225-1346 or GLOW Sculpting Spa at (906) 360-9774.

GLOW Sculpting Spa is also offering free laser tattoo removal treatments for veterans and those in the military on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. For more information, click here. New Age Tattoo Studio in Marquette has also collaborated with GLOW Sculpting Spa, offering free tattoo cover-ups.

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