LAKE LINDEN, Mich. (WJMN) – “Our post is actually 102 years old,” said Dan Judnich, Financial Officer, American Legion William-Giroux Post 90. 

Starting in WWI, the American Legion has been part of the Lake Linden community.  

“This is a brand new building for us. It’s only 15 years old,” said Judnich. “You’re sitting actually where the old building was. It was a two-story, wood-frame structure that was here which was actually about the third post that we’ve had. It’s moved around in years. The old building that we’re actually sitting in now if you wanna say, was the longest and then they always had a dream of building a new post and they did.”  

With about 240 members, of the Lake Linden post, their primary goal is helping veterans. 

“I think this post is like the third largest in the U.P. as far as membership-wise,” said Judnich. “For little old Lake Linden. We have members all over the United States because this is their hometown. Everyone comes back here.” 

The organization is also about giving back to the Lake Linden community. 

“I think we’re over, somewhere over $240,000 that we raised for the Honor Flight in the last several years,” said Judnich. “We have a Christmas toy drive that we do. All of the toys go to the Knights of Columbus and they distribute them to the families that need them. We have scholarships that we give away. Us and the girls, the ladies auxiliary that we give away to Lake Linden school. We support the baseball team at Lake Linden schools ls. We support the Keweenaw Little League. We sponsor a team there. Anything that you can think of, we do.” 

It’s also partnered with a local business, Lakes Lounge to provide a bar and restaurant in Lake Linden. 

“Lakes Lounge is open to the public,” said Judnich. “We have a Class C license so it’s open to the public. We lease our kitchen to a person who runs the restaurant and it works out great for us. Cause we also have food, we have drinks for everyone and it’s a nice place. It’s a place to meet.” 

Being a lifelong resident, Judnich knows that organizations like this give a sense of a community being together. 

“Well Lake Linden has always been a friendly town,” said Judnich. “You go out of the area and you walk down the street, they don’t make eye contact. In Lake Linden, people make eye contact and they’ll say hello to you, how you doing even if they’ve never seen you in their life. It’s always been like that. People are friendly and they’re always willing to help out their neighbor.” 

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