L’ANSE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Upper Peninsula has endless amounts of outdoor activities to do and attractions to see, and Baraga County is no exception. From hiking to fishing to sightseeing, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the village of L’Anse and its surrounding areas.

“We have Silver Mountain, we have Little Mountain up by the golf course, it’s a beautiful spot to go hiking on,” said Barb McEwen, executive director of Baraga County Convention and Visitors Bureau. “There are some hiking trails up on Mount Arvon that a lot of people head up there, too. Behind the [Bishop Baraga Shrine] there’s a hiking trail up behind there. There’s a lot of the waterfalls that have the hiking trails that go right to them. So there’s a lot of places to go out and enjoy.”

A popular outdoor spot is Mount Arvon, which is the highest point in Michigan. McEwen suggests visiting during the fall and winter months.

“You can drive right to the point now if you’re not into hiking. Otherwise, halfway up there’s a hiking trail. The hiking trail does have a waterfall that a lot of people if you drive to the point, you can’t see.”

One of the most famous and hard-to-miss attractions is the Bishop Baraga Shrine, a copper statue overlooking the Keweenaw Bay above US-41.

“One of the very beautiful spots to watch the sunset. You get the whole lake in front of you, it’s beautiful up there,” said McEwen.

And if you’ve never been to L’Anse, McEwen says the people and its places are what makes it special.

“The friendliness. I mean the people are real welcoming and warm. There’s always someone willing to help you. There’s beautiful area, just very quiet, secluded area that you can enjoy the day. You can go out to the Sturgeon Gorge and just spend a whole day and not see anybody. But it’s just beautiful sites.”

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