L’ANSE, Mich. (WJMN) – Most places seem to have a signature dish or cuisine that makes it special.
And in L’Anse it’s three words: GIANT. SWEET. ROLLS.

Served at the Hilltop Restaurant alongside US-41, these sweet rolls have been a favorite among the locals and tourists for many decades.

Hilltop Restaurant sells an assortment of baked goods, like its sweet rye bread and different flavors of bars and muffins. Alongside its full menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials.

Hilltop owner Harold Trewhella showed us around its operations and gives a little sneak peek into how they make their famous sweet rolls. Watch the tour in the video above.

Stay tuned this week as Local 3’s Brianna MacLean continues to show us around L’Anse and the surrounding area.