NORWAY, Mich. (WJMN) – The Upper Peninsula is known for its connections to the Scandinavian countries including Finland, Sweden, and Norway. In Norway, Mich., you can step into a Nordic world when you walk through the doors of Swedish Passport.

“It’s a fun place. We’ve got a lot of things that you probably wouldn’t expect. A lot of food items right from Scandinavia, so. It’s kind of fun to try those and we’ve got herring and a lot of candy choices, that type of thing,” said Barbara Thorne, owner of Swedish Passport Company/Scandia House International.

Barbara and her husband are both of Scandinavian descent, which inspired them to open the shop back in the late 1980s.

“We felt like the city of Norway needed a Scandinavian store. It just started out as a couple of rooms and it’s grown exponentially. We now import and distribute a lot of Scandinavian items, and yeah. It’s been a great business.”

Swedish Passport carries different brands of fine and luxury Norwegian sweaters and outdoor wear made in Norway. Alongside Swedish sponge cloths, scrubbies and towels, and organic cotton socks designed in Sweden. Or you can grab yourself a t-shirt that says ‘sisu’ or hundreds of different Scandinavian items to choose from.

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