BARAGA, Mich. (WJMN) – In Baraga, when you say the ‘Drive-In’, everyone knows what your talking about. Simply called the Baraga Drive-In, this living piece of nostalgia will take you back to the ’50s and ’60s. Just drive up, place your order and a real car hop will soon deliver your meal on a tray that attaches to the window of your car.

Baraga Drive-In is all about car culture, and celebrates the awesome cars of that bygone era. Owner, Rob Reynolds says it’s his honor to preserve a Baraga tradition that dates back to the late ’50s.

“When we first took this place over in 2017 we had the idea of bringing the cars back,” said Reynolds. “Beth and I have always gone to car shows, we’ve been a part of that. Unfortunately, when you own a seasonal restaurant you don’t get to do that anymore. So some friends of ours who have cars kind of asked us, ‘Hey, can we bring our cars down?’ ‘Sure, you know.’ I said if you guys are interested we’ll get something going, and that’s how all this transpired.”

Every Tuesday in the summer is ‘Car Show Night,’ where local gear-heads and classic car enthusiasts gather on warm summer evenings to reminisce about the days when the hot rod was king of the road.

“This is something he has always wanted to do because he always liked to work on cars and he’s always wanted his car buddies to come down here and it just kind of grew,” said co-owner, Beth Reynolds. “Each year it gets bigger and bigger. My parents owned it back in the early ’60s so my family worked, my older brothers and sisters, I was little but I thought it was cool to take it over. It went from the A&W to the Drive-In.”

As far as the menu is concerned, all the favorites are there. From stacked cheese burgers, to onion rings, to root beer that Rob makes himself in the kitchen. As delicious as the food is, the real main entree is the nostalgic vibe of the place, and of course the gathering of old friends and a welcoming place to make new ones.

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