BARAGA, Mich. (WJMN) – For nearly 70 years, the Pettibone Cary-Lift facility has been a constant part of the Baraga community.

The carry-lift is a wheeled material handler, specifically built to move large awkward items like railroad ties, pipes or logs. The carry-lift was the first forward reaching, rough terrain material handler built to be safer, more efficient and adaptable to accommodate different payloads and working environments.

“It’s evolved and started logging but right now it’s net shifts. Location is highly shaping the arms log and reaching the top of railcar and get on paper without heavy screens or spotters. So it’s it’s real niches with goggle type applications,” said Engineering Manager, Phil Latendresse.

Pettibone began manufacturing railroad track components in Chicago in 1881. As the company grew it branched out into various purpose built, specialized material handlers used in all areas of commercial and industrial projects. What makes Pettibone unique is the fact that they actively recruit from the local area.

“Baraga County, Houghton County, Ontonagon County, Keweenaw County not only for production team members, but also technical support like engineering, supply chain finance those groups as well which are all based here in Baraga,” said President, Scott Raffaelli.

Pettibone employs 70 people, and dozens more through its local suppliers. The work environment speaks for itself having generations of family members employed by Pettibone.

“Generations of machine shops and Fab shops have spawned them around people in home supply company. And to this day, we still we have 12 other suppliers and suppliers locally that we work with them,” added LaTendresse

An interesting historical discovery was recently made when they found the very first Pettibne Carry-Lift on a farm nearby. Carry-Lift number one now sits on their back lot awaiting restoration.