CHASSELL, Mich. (WJMN) – Along the main drag on US-41 in Chassell, you’ll find Lacey’s Curbside Bistro.

“I didn’t really have like a life path sorted out for myself and I do a lot waitressing and I bartend,” said owner, Lacey Rajala. “I’ve been a local for 10 years here in Chassell and this place was vacant for two years and that had the for sale sign and I guess just driving to work everyday I got tired of looking at it. Then me and my mom put our heads together and we were like, ‘Well, we could do something like this.'”

Back in 2020, Lacey’s Curbside Bistro became a seasonal business in Chassell.

“That’s where I got the name from was Lacey’s Curbside because that’s when all of the industries we’re going curbside only for COVID,” said Rajala.

With a variety to choose from like different sandwiches, pasties, specialty drinks and ice cream, the place has grown in it’s time in Chassell

“The first season that I opened up was 2020 so everything was six-feet apart and outside dining so it was nice that we had these picnic tables,” said Rajala. “I just had the front window so that was the first season. Last summer, our second season we got the drive-thru in. So now, we have the drive thru and this and now we have all three, the lobby inside, the drive thru and the walk up window.”

Rajala shared some of her customers’ favorites.

“I would say the pasty is my number one seller but everyone really seems to enjoy like my hot sandwich specials,” said Rajala. “Every week, I try and special something. Last week was the ‘Miami Cuban’. It went really well and now I have the ‘Italian Meatball Sub’ and that’s actually one of my favorites.”

Rajala says she gets a good mix of both locals and tourists who stop by. In a small town like this, it’s important for her food establishment to be part of the community.

“It’s tight-knit,” said Rajala. “Chassell is a very small community and they have each other’s back. I like the people. I know a lot of people here in Chassell. Like the VFW. I’m not a member of this VFW but I am Ladies of Auxiliary so they have welcomed me over there. And then I’m in touch with the school and stuff like that, Chassell Schools. They have a disc golf course in the back of the school and I think we’ve got something in line where I have like an advertisement and stuff like that so I’ve tried to support the schools and everything like that too and yeah the people are great. They come here quite frequently.”

For more information on Lacey’s Curbside Bistro, click here to check out their Facebook page.