COPPER HARBOR, Mich. (WJMN) – In the heart of Copper Harbor is Brickside Brewery, the most northern brewery in the state and the only brewery in Keweenaw County. The brewery was started by the Robinson family in 2012.

“[We started] home brewing many years ago and at some point, every home brewer kind of fantasizes about opening up a brewery and had the opportunity after my wife was about done with school and said what I really want to do,” said Jason Robinson, brewer/owner. “At the time we were both making the beer, she still does sometimes. We decided to give it a shot about twelve years ago we made the actual decision to start the licensing and do all that and start a kickstarter to raise some money.”

Brickside Brewery offers a variety of craft beers ranging from pale ales to darker brews like stouts.

“So we have a pale ale, it’s a nice summery drinking beer. And then we have an IPA, which is more hops more flavor a little more bitter but balanced off by the sweetness. Same thing with the double IPA, that’s uphill both ways. It’s a really big beer, big numbers but it’s really balanced out so it’s nice and easy drinking. And then on the darker side of things, we have a dry stout which is kind of your average entry level stout. It’s still very dark and rich, and milk stouts even more so since you put lactose into it so it’s really richer.

“And then imperial stout it’s just a lot of grains and a lot of stuff thrown together so it’s really big, heavy. It’s really nice, not something you really think about in the summertime, but usually a nice wintery beer. And then the amber is just kind of a crowd pleaser. Everybody likes ambers or at least it seems that way. The Jack Pine Savage is an English bitter which is a mid-way between a pale ale and an amber. It’s really nice.”

Robinson hopes that when people come to Brickside that they enjoy a nice, cold beer while meeting new people.

“We’ve actually had multiple people comment or talk to us and say it’s like hanging out in a friend’s basement or garage or something. Come on in, hang out, just have a good time, relax. You’ll notice there’s no TVs, no nothing. Just to a person, you’ll be amazed how many are like ‘Holy crap, you live a block from me’ or something like that or in the same neighborhood or they know the same person like five states away. It’s ridiculous but it’s awesome. That’s the fun part.”

Brickside Brewery is open every week Monday through Friday 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday 12 p.m. to 9 p.m