MUNISING, Mich. (WJMN) – A dream five generations in the making has quickly become a popular food favorite in the U.P. Ron Matson’s Cap’n Ron’s Fish & Chips is now in its second season of serving fish sandwiches caught fresh from Lake Superior.

“For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a fish and chips,” Cap’n Ron said. “I said, ‘Shoot, I was sitting there thinking ‘Shoot, I gotta have fish and chips down here, what the heck’. People would love that and nobody’s got one. I should’ve done that 25 years ago and now I got it going in a truck.”

With the process from Lake Superior to sandwich bun in a matter of hours, freshness has been key to Cap’n Ron’s success. However, when buying Cap’s Ron’s signature fish sandwich, you aren’t just supporting one small business in Munising.

“We’re really thankful. We try and support other local businesses, so we get our buns from Trenary Home Bakery. They make them for us,” said Kate Matson, Cap’ Ron’s daughter. “So that’s really nice. We get fresh every week. And then we have some other local suppliers where we get like our cheese and lettuce and stuff or the local grocery store stores in town. To kind of do that we make our own homemade tartar sauce. So people really like that that goes on with sandwiches. We’ll package it up, good to go. Can’t go wrong.”

Named the best smoked fish in the Midwest, Cap’n Ron’s cooking even earned him spotlight in Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Uncharted’ episode in the Upper Peninsula.

“Gordan Ramsay was like a normal guy like us,” Cap’n Ron said. “He swears a little bit but we all do that stuff. We sat there and talked and I was riding him a little bit. They wanted me to ride him a little bit.”

As the fifth generation in his family to run the fishing business, Cap’ Ron’s tradition is set to stay in the family.

“I’m really proud,” Katy said. “You know, I mean, I’m the sixth generation so it’s a big deal, but I mean, like, I’ve been here my whole life down here. So we always knew one of us was gonna keep going on.”

When waiting for your sandwich, you can stop in to say hello to the man himself. You can find full information on operating hours, the truck’s location, and a full menu on Cap’n Ron’s Fish & Chips Facebook page and website.