CHRISTMAS, Mich (WJMN) – Axe throwing has grown in popularity over the last few years. After a friend of the owner, Scott Smith introduced him to aze throwing, Smith found the property for sale and knew it was something he needed to bring to Christmas, Michigan.

“It was very new back in 2019 when I started to get everything together and get all of the planning and I thought with the tourism and the way that we are in the ‘U.P’ with how we are kinda backwoods I just thought it would be a neat and fun opportunity for people to do,” Smith said.

Xmas Axe officially opened its doors in 2020 and Smith says that despite the pandemic, people from all over have been enjoying the new addition.

“Last year was a weird year but we still had a lot of tourism anyways and it didn’t really slow down the tourism at all,” Smith said.

When first arriving at Xmas Axe a checklist of precautions are reviewed to ensure the safety for all participating.

“We start with a safety briefing, after the safety briefing I am going to throw a couple of hatches to give you an example,” Smith said. “Then we are going to get you throwing the hatchets and once we get you throwing a couple of hatches, we are going to work with you on sticking the hatchets into the targets consistently then we are going to play some games and have a little competition between the throwers.”

Before Local 3’s Haley Schoengart gave it her best shot, Smith gave her his best piece of advice.

“To not be scared you know, there’s very little danger, yes there is danger and we have to pay attention, but we’re going through all the precautions we can to keep everybody safe,” Smith said.

Although Haley did not hit a bullseye, just the axe to stick on the board was enough for her. But indoor axe throwing isn’t the only fun Xmas Axe has to offer.

“Outside we have 8 targets, 4 pairs so we have 7 stalls total for axe throwers and then we have but we have 3 adult fowling areas outside and we could even expand to 4 or even 5 and then we have a whole separate kids area for the little tykes we are talking two or 3 years old.”

The Fowling set up at Xmas Axe

For more information about Xmas Axe click here.